Associate Instructor: Department of Anthropology, UCD

ANT 15, Behavioral and Evolutionary Biology of the Human Life Cycle

ANT 50, Evolution of Human Nature

Teaching Assistant: Department of Psychology, UCD

PSY 159, Gender and Human Reproduction

Teaching Assistant: Department of Anthropology, UCD

ANT 1, Human Evolutionary Biology

ANT 15, Behavioral and Evolutionary Biology of the Human Life Cycle

ANT 122A, Economic Anthropology

ANT 158, The Evolution of Females and Males: Biological Perspective 

Below is a sampling of emails I have received from students.

A student taking ownership for her grade:

“I understand the paper wasn’t very well written and also because it was my first time writing a scientific paper it was challenging, but overall I’m happy with my grade. I mean it would’ve been nice to have an A, but I’ll just have to work more towards getting it, so I actually feel like I deserved it.”

A student who appeared not to pay attention:

“Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you that, despite what you may think I was doing on my computer during classes, it really wasn’t anything other than notes and my email – I really was paying attention!  I actually did learn a lot about human evolution I hadn’t thought about before, so thanks.  I enjoyed your course this summer and I’m glad that I chose to take this one of all of the ANT classes as a behavioral science course that I need for medical school, so thank you. ”

A student thanking me for the course:

“I absolutely loved your class and the material covered.Thanks for a wonderful quarter! I learned a lot.”